Hi, welcome to my page and thank you for visiting.

I am passionate about exercise, good food, adventure and living life to the fullest.  I was always an active kid, swimming, dancing and snowboarding.  I discovered yoga after a really bad Snowboarding accident, I loved the inner peace it gave me and I loved the release I felt in my body.  It was a natural transition to get into Nutrition, I loved food but I suffered from an autoimmune disease. I needed to clean up my diet.  I always loved baking as a kid but I couldn't cook anything that didn’t come from a box or package.  Shortly after becoming pregnant my love for cooking blossomed.  It wasn’t until 2017 that I decided to go back to school at CSNN (Canadian School of Natural Nutrition).  I had been teaching group fitness classes since 2013 and this was the perfect addition to my repertoire of skills.

After receiving my Diploma from CSNN I was able to take all the knowledge I learnt there and to apply it to my own life and my healing.  I was able to reverse my Autoimmune Disease by  incorporating  specific nutrient dense whole foods, eliminated foods that were triggering my immune system, supplemented with certain vitamins and minerals.  I started to listened to my intuition, stress was a huge factor in my disease.  I began to rest when needed and meditated to silence my busy mind.  I was my own case study and now I want to share my knowledge with you.  My programs are safe, effective, nourishing and you will see the results.  Health is a journey not a destination and I am here to help you on yours.

Your Whole  Life


Shannon Taylor